For our clients – prominent private persons, artists, designers, architects and top corporations and brands we provide following services:

  • Bespoke manufacturing of cast glass panels, reliefs and decorative elements for architecture and interior
  • Bespoke manufacturing of luxury decorative objects and glass sculptures
  • Bespoke production of chandeliers, lighting objects and installations
  • Bespoke production of luxury drinking collections including engravings of coat-of-arms, monogrammes and decorations
  • Bespoke manufacturing of solitaire furniture pieces – glass tables and accessories for interior

For artists, designers and architects

We produce your artworks! We provide complex manufacturing and production services including consultation and detailed proposals to manufacture artists and designers original artworks and designs. We suggest the most feasible technological solution including all necessary technical plans, drawings, models, molds and prototypes development.

For private clients

We suggest the design and solution of lightings and chandeliers, design of decorative objects, solitaire glass tables and artistic glass elements for interiors like monumental walls and reliefs, decoration of doors, railings etc. We re-produce and re-store existing historical drinking glasses and decorative pieces. We provide the consulting and acquisition of art glass objects and sculptures by prominent contemporary artists, including the arranging of artworks into the interiors.

Vizualizace services výroba

3D models a renders

We provide 3D modeling, rendering a postproduction, we produce high quality vizualizations with placement of lights and glass artefacts into the iteriors. We assure 3D print, laser and CNC processing for production of models, molds and samples. We work with Rhinoceros a Blender software.

See our renders Technickal info about models

Quality Control

For each project we set the quality criteria, based on used technologies. We provide quality control of all products before final packaging.

At cast glass sculptures and objects we realize aproximate measurements of internal stress. If required by client we can assure certification and official protocol about the internal stress issued by independent laboratory.

Packaging, transportation and logistics

We assure production of the most suitable packaging

  • Wooden crates made on meassure for sculptures and objects
  • Master cartoons from corrugated paper and materials for bulk packaging
  • Luxury gift boxes, coated handmade boxes including bespoke print, blind stamp etc. .

We assure insurance of all works for transportation

We provide assembling of artworks and glass reliefs into the interior. For lighting projects we provide full service installation and assembling of chandeliers and lighting objects including wires and electrical devices settings by certified provider.

Manufacturing & Project Management

Many manufacturing projects require more subdeliveries and involvement of specialized profesions. We assure the most effective processes, steps and subdeliveries within each manufacturing and production project.

For succesfull realization of various projects and technologies we manufacture and produce:

  • Plaster molds for glass casting
  • Metal molds for pressed and poured glass
  • Wooden molds for blown glass
  • Molds for slumping and glass thermoforming
  • Samples development at hotshop or casting of scaled mockups
  • Production of metal components and constructions for glass panels and reliefs
  • Production of metal components for lightings including surface treatment
  • Refining technologies – engraving, painting, cutting, sandblasting, accid polishing etc.


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