Water glass mold

New materials for casting molds

In cooperation with company Tonaso a.s. and Mr. Ing. Vladimír Henych we are trying to develop new formulas to produce molds for glass casting. Its based on mixture of sand, sodium silicates (water glass) and hardening agent on ester – carboxil accid basis. Continue reading

Stoneway Cast Glass Collection

“Stoneway” collection Development

Our technological possibilities – a large casting kiln (3,5 x 1,75 x 1 m) and inspiration in the nature of Jizera Mountains were the main reasons to start  the development of a new collection of glass pannels called “Stoneway”. Continue reading

Goldberg Glass

GOLDBERG – EUIPO brand registration

Our long term interes in historical glasses and traditional crafts and based on our experience with production of historical collections, we decided to re-vitalise the brand Goldberg. The original company Carl Goldberg was established in NOvy Bor in 1881 and basicaly was a refinery shop producing wide range of luxury decorative glass. Continue reading

Plurality of Identity Zdenek Lhotsky

Book about the artworks of Zdenek Lhotsky

The Plurality of Identity

As a part of the exhibition of Zdenek Lhotsky at the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou we published a book about the comprehensive work of the artist. Author of the texts is renowned Czech art historian, curator and expert of contemporary studio glass Sylva Petrová PhD. Continue reading

Glass Sarcophagus

Glass Sarcophagus by Bjoern Norgaard

Within a long term cooperation with studio Lhotsky led by renowned czech artist Zdenek Lhotsky, we are proud to be a part of the prestigious manufacturing project “Sarcophagus for the Queen. Continue reading

Murrina Glass development

Murrina Glass Development

We started to develop Murrina glasses within a project for Gagosian Gallery – manufacturing collection of large glass tables  designed by famous designer Marc Newson. It was a longterm demanding process of development of special glass compositions and technological processes. Continue reading

Shanghai Art Fair

G1 Exhibiting Czech Glass at Shanghai Art Fair 2017

Czech Pavilion at Shanghai Art Fair 2017.

The Czech Glass Art Alliance with support of Czech Trade agency and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic have prepared the very first exhibition on the traditional Czech art glass in Shanghai within the Shanghai Art Fair 2017.

Shanghai Art Fair 2017(21st), as Asia’s celebrated art exchange with long history and high internationalization degree, presenting domestic and overseas collectors a artists. Continue reading