Our core production facilities and technologies include kiln casting, fusing and thermoforming. We are also using hot shop – blown glass studio and we cooperate with top quality coldworking workshops and metal workshops. Our technologies are based on more than 600 years of tradition in Bohemian glass as well as on contemporary technologies as 3D printing, CNC and laser cutting.

Kiln Casting, Fusing & Thermoforming

Mold melted glass or kiln cast glass is a technology known by the ancient egyptians and similar technologies are also known as Patte de Verre or sand casting etc. In Czech Republic it was developed and became world wide known in his own form, especialy through the exceptional work of the world famous artists couple Libenský–Brychtová.

In cooperation with renowned artists and designers we manufacture, produce and assembly state-of-art architectural glass objects such as: glass walls, facades and wall coverings, glass columns, windows, reliefs, fountains etc.

More About Kiln Casting & Thermoforming

Kiln Technical data

Kiln Size

Length3500 mm
Width1750 mm
Height1000 mm

This is the inner size of the kiln. The effective size depends on the particular piece, but the maximum approx size of mold is
3400 x 1650 x 900mm.

Tmax 900°C

Testing Kiln Size

Diameter460 mm
Height440 mm

Tmax 1350°C

Blown Glass Studio

In our studio we produce glass a wide range of decorative objects, glass sculptures, chandeliers and lighting installations, using various forms of hot shaping, mold blowing, cutting, engraving, sandblasting, acid polishing etc. We are using traditional glass melting formulas, which enables us to produce over 200 colors including special colors like uranium green and yellow, uranium-topas, gold ruby, opaque colors and many other.

More about Blown Glass

Design, 3D modeling, rendering

We can prepare complette data for 3D printing and CNC production of models a molds. We are working with all standard formats:

Rhino 3D Model.3dm
AutoCAD Drawing.dwg
IGES.igs, .iges
STEP.stp, .step
STL (Stereolithography).stl
PDF křivky.pdf

If you send us your model, please ad dimmensions and/or any additional information.

Click to see some of our renders