Antique Glass Restoration

Historical techniques and restoration

Glassmaking especialy production of hand blown drinking glasses and decorative pieces  is a sector, where historical techniques remained unchanged since centuries. A myriad of various hotshop and refining techniques was taught by the masters with daily praxes only and often went forgotten through moving of people or deaths. Within our restoration projects our aim is to re-invent old techniques and technologies to achieve the top quality of old masters.


Footed Bowl from Kladruby

Footed bowl restoration. Silver mounted, cut crystal bowl with silver foot from the collection of the National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem. The glass part was completely destroyed, so using the old pictures and remaining shards, we completely re-produced the glass part.


Glass tile for Lucerna Palace in Prague

Production of glass tiles for the historical reconstruction of concrete ceiling at one of the most prominent historical monuments and venues in Prague.  The intention was to manufacture an exact replika of the historical piece from 1930´s including the special yellow color of the crystal glass, same as the partialy remaining historical tiles.

Cooperation with specialists

We cooperate with numerous experts and specialist for historical techniques and technologies. In gallery of restored pieces – before and after we show works by world renowned expert Mrs. Eva Rydlova. Please contact us for more info.