Kiln Casting, Fusing & Thermoforming

Our company, with a voluminous kiln is specialized in large glass panels, slabs, tiles, positive and negative reliefs and various glass artefacts for use in architecture and interiors.

The sculptural piece is made as a sculpture through modelling of the model and production of a mold from plaster. The mold is filled with glass pieces, melted and slowly annealed. This process can last for several days, weeks or even months depending on the size of the piece. Afterwards the piece become the surface treatment – grinding, cutting, sandblasting, mechanical or acid polishing.

We have a great experience with technology of glass fusing, where various pieces of colored glass in form of rods, sheets, blocks, cullets or powder are fused together, including the famous Murrina using Millefiori rods. Another possibility is thermoforming of flat piecese, using a special mold, where the flat piece of glass is slowly heated over the deformation point to achieve the final shape.

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Selected kiln casting and thermoforming projects


One Seaport Building New York

Red Desk by Marc Newson

Marc Newson Murrina