Our core production facilities and technologies include hot shop – blown glass studio, kiln cast glass studio, metal workshop and cut glass workshops. Our technologies are based on more than 600 years of tradition in Bohemian glass as well as on cutting edge contemporary technologies as laser cutting, CNC machining and 3D printing.

Blown Glass Studio

In our studio we produce glass chandeliers, lighting installations and decorative objects, using various forms of hot shaping, mold blowing, cutting, engraving, sandblasting, acid polishing etc. We are using traditional glass melting formulas, which enables us to produce any type of color including uranium green and yellow, uranium-topas, gold ruby and many other special glass colors.

Blown Glass Production

Kiln Cast Glass Studio

Mold melted glass or kiln cast glass is a technology known by the ancient egyptians, but in Czech Republic in the Zelezny Brod region it became world wide known in his own form, especialy through the exceptional work of the world famous artists Libenský–Brychtová. The sculptural piece is made as a sculpture through modelling of the model and production of a mold from plaster. The mold is filled with glass pieces, melted and slow annealed. This process can last for several weeks or even months depending on the size of the piece. Afterwards the piece become the surface treatment – grinding, cutting, sandblasting, mechanical or acid polishing. Our studio, led by the world famous glass artists and technologist Zdenek Lhotsky can produce the world largest pieces and is the market leader in this techology.

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Architectural Art Glass Design

In cooperation with renowned artists we create, design, produce and assembly state-of-art architectural glass objects such as: glass walls, facades and wall coverings, glass columns, windows, reliefs and fountains etc. Based on technological development and invention of Zdenek Lhotsky we create a new artistic approach to enrich the interior spaces in private villas as well as public spaces, luxury hotels and corporate headquarters.

Art Direction & Design

Our design services and art direction is based on long term cooperation with leading european and international artists and designers. From a simple glass over bespoke lighting installations and monumental glass walls up to complete interiors we manage projects of any size in any destination. Since centuries glass became a substantial part of any interior in form of art pieces, chandeliers, stained glass windows and walls or decorative pieces. Our goal is to provide design and art production services resulting in creative, lasting environments.

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Bespoke Lighting Design

We design and produce various types of lightings from contemporary design-led lighting installations up to classic crystal chandeliers. We create chandeliers in Venetian style, Theresian style or classic Bohemian pendant chandeliers and candelabra lamps. We design and produce all components from glass and metal including electricity parts and assure the whole assembling of the objects at the final destination.

Lighting Portfolio