František Jungvirt

František Jungvirt


Foto artist František Jungvirt

Frantisek belongs to one of the most talented designers and artists of the young generation. His approach is based on developing the extraordinary craftmanship of painting on glass, nurtured since his early years during studies in city Trebon in South Bohemia.

* 1996 Písek, Czech Republic


From the year 2016 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague Glass atelier, doc. ak. soch. Rony Plesl
2012 – 2016 OA, SOŠ a SOU Třeboň, Artistic and Crafts glass processing – specialisation painting

Practice, courses

2018 Engraving workshop with master Jaroslav Šára, Kolektiv Ateliers, Nový Bor
2018 Residence stay in Moser glass factory, Karlovy Vary
2017 Course “King craft”, lector Antonín Votruba, VŠUP Praha
2016 Course of hot shop techniques, Secondary School of Applied Glass Art, Železný Brod
2015 Education and cognitive internship, Kagawa University, Takamatsu, Japan
2015 Course pâte de verre, lector Anne Petter, Centre of glass art, Glass hute František Sázava
2014 Study stay in the Secondary School of Applied Arts and Higher School Jablonec nad Nisou
2014 Photography course – Museum of photography and modern video media, o. p. s. Jindřichův Hradec
2013 Study stay in the Istituto delle Arti A. Vittoria, Trento, Italy
2013 Study stay in the Secondary School of Applied Arts, Bechyně

Collective Exhibitions – selection

2019 Glass painting isn’t lost, Centre of glass art, glass hute František, Sázava
2018 Czech Design Week, International Festival of Design in Prague
2018 Canapé by Soffa – Designblok 2018, Prague
2018 Colours of transparency in Prague, Selection of works from Glass atelier UMPRUM, Campus Hybernská, Prague
2018 London Design Fair, the Exhibiton – Colours of transparency, Glass atelier UMPRUM, London
2018 Glassfest Karlovy Vary, 18th Art Glass Festival – The New Generation of Czech Glass
2018 Z JIHO – ČECH, Exhibition of contemporary glass art, Glassimo Gallery, Prague
2018 Junior Glass Ways – International competition of young glassmakers, Centre of glass art glass hute František, Sázava
2017 Junior Glass Ways – International competition of young glassmakers, Centre of glass art glass hute František, Sázava
2017 Fragile – students and graduates of the glass studio UMPRUM, Glassimo Gallery, Prague
2017 Designblok 2017 ( Glass atelier: Glass carafe for Veolia company ), Výstaviště Holešovice, Prague
2016 Three Generations – Continuity of Glasswork Education, Kagawa Uniwersity, Takamatsu, Japan
2016 Craft and art in glass, Glass Museum Nový Bor
2016 Fragile Beauty – International exhibition of students glassworks, House of Štěpánek Netolický, Třeboň
2015 Sanssouci Junior Glass Match – International competition of young glassmakers Sanssouci Junior Glass Match 2015, Karlovy Vary
2015 Sun Gallery Spa Resort Sanssouci, Karlovy Vary – Part of selected students glassworks
2015 Results of the International Glass Workshop. Glass and Wood Dialog Vimperk 2015, South Bohemian Museum
2015 Glass from Annín (somewhat differently), Glass Pavilon (PASK) Klatovy
2014 Sanssouci Junior Glass Match – International competition of young glassmakers Sanssouci Junior Glass Match 2014, Karlovy Vary

Foreign Exhibitions

2019 Cross The Line / České sklo v Izraeli, Czech house Jeruzalém
2018 London Design Fair, Exhibition Colours of transparency, Londýn
2016 Three Generations – Continuity of Glasswork Education, Takamatsu, Japonsko

Others Presentations

2018 SONY Centre in Prague – Fleur Noire vase in designed store SONY, Czech Design Week 18

Symposia, workshops

2018 International glass symposium Annín 2017 – FUD UJEP, UTB, UMPRUM, Annín
2017 International glass symposium Annín 2017 – VŠUP Praha a VŠVO Bratislava, Annín
2017 7th International symposium of engraved glass in Kamenický Šenov – SUPŠ sklářská Kamenický Šenov
2016 International glass symposium, Annín 2016
2015 International glass workshop Dialogue of glass and wood, Glass hute Vimperk
2015 Workshop for glass students and pedagogues of Secondary and high schools – Annín cutting 2015, Annín


2018 Ludwig Moser Award in the category of higher vocational schools for the design of the AFFINITY vase collection for Moserglass factory in Karlovy Vary.
2018 Special Award of the jury for Portable Flashlights Barok Collection , Master of Crystal 2018 – a competition organized by PRECIOSA company.
2018 Price Museum of Glass and Jewelery in Jablonec nad Nisou for Portable Flashlights Barok Collection, Master of Crystal 2018 – a competition organized by PRECIOSA company.
2018 Award per craft – glass painting – Junior Glass Ways – International competition of young glassmakers, Centre of glass glass hute František Sázava 2018.
2015 Award per craft – glass painting (For mellow precision painting with specific handwriting, which adds individual value of a mass-produced product) – Sanssouci Junior Glass Match 2015 – International competition of young glassmakers, Karlovy Vary.

Representation in Collections

Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou
Glass Museum in Kamenický Šenov
Glass Museum in Nový Bor
South Bohemian Museum in České Budějovice
Collection of Annín Glass Museum, Annín

Exhibition Zdenek Lhotsky & Associates 2017

Saturday 16 September 2017 from 17 hours – opening of Zdenek Lhotsky exhibition of glass Zdenek Lhotsky & Associates 2017 in renovated industrial space Kotelna in Železný Brod. The exhibition presents works of Zdenek Lhotsky, and five of his friends – artists who work in cooperation with his studio in Pelechov. The choice for the year 2017 shall include, in addition to the objects of Mr Lhotsky also works of Oldrich Plíva, Martin Hlubucek, Jaroslav Rona, Lucie Svitorkova and Rebeca Huerty (Mexico). All exhibited artist are connected with the choice of the glass melting, but all are comming with a unique concept of sculpture. Installation of their works together with industrial interior Kotelny creates special exhibition. Exhibition curator: PhDr. Sylva Petrová

Drawings & glass at BBLA New York 29 March – 22 April 2017

Zdenek Lhotsky is an extraordinary artist who seeks challenges others regard as dangerous in order to astonish everyone by mastering them. He is not interested in mainstream artistic movements and fashions, but prefers to go his own way. His interest in ornamentation and pattern or even both together are provocative. At the moment Lhotsky’s company is ensuring the execution of a glass sarcophagus weighing several tons for the Danish Royal family. It is not just for this reason that the April 2016 edition of the prestigious Wallpaper magazine listed him among the 12 most significant Czechs influencing the design world. (source Dr. Sylva Petrová, curator, Professor Emeritus, University of Sunderland, Great Britain)


Zdenek Lhotsky‘s Studio for kiln cast glass production at Pelechov in cooperation with G1PARTNERS organized an extraordinary exhibition of Zdenek Lhotsky, Oldrich Pliva, Jaroslav Rona  and guests Lucie Svitorkova  in a newly refurbished industrial building called “Kotelna” = boiler room in Zelezny Brod, Czech Republic. The exhibition is open from July  17th to October 15th 2016. For visit please call +420 773 790 136 or  +420 773 660 319.  

Zdenek Lhotsky at SOFA Chicago

From November 5th – 8th. 2015 exhibited ZDENĚK LHOTSKÝ his artworks at The Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design (SOFA) Fair in Chicago. Represented by G1 PARTNERS and in cooperation with AiBo Gallery, selected bowls created through authors exceptional, unique technique called Vitrucell attracted many visitors.